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Balloon payments synonyms, Balloon payments pronunciation, Balloon payments translation, English dictionary definition of Balloon payments. n. A final loan payment that is significantly larger than the payments preceding it. n a large payment that concludes a series of smaller payments, for.

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A balloon payment is when the entire loan balance is due and payable. It occurs when a loan is not amortized. The loan itself generally contains an early due date, involving the payoff of an existing loan balance.

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A balloon payment is a large, lump sum payment that is a higher dollar amount than the regular monthly payment. It is made either at specific intervals, or, more commonly, at the end of a long-term balloon loan.Balloon payments are most commonly found in mortgages, but may be attached to auto and personal loans as well.

A balloon payment is a type of loan in which small installments are paid during the period of the loan and a final big repayment is done at the end. This final payment because of its large size is called a balloon payment.

Definition of balloon payment: Loan installment (paid usually at the end of the loan period) that is much larger than the other installments.. balloon payment. definition + Create New Flashcard; Related Terms. Loan installment (paid usually at the end of the loan period) that is much larger.

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Balloon payment definition: a large payment that concludes a series of smaller payments, for example in order to. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

It's time to make your mortgage balloon payment, but you don't have the. What if you are underwater on your home loan, meaning that you.