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After a summer spent cleaning house in the executive suite under the watchful eye of regulators, it seems that PNC Financial Services Group Inc. may now be ready to examine its. purpose vehicles.

PNC Car Loans Start At 2.34% For 5 Years – – If not, you’ve got PNC’s check in your pocket and are ready to close the sale. PNC offers new-car loans from $7,500 to $50,000, but to qualify for the best interest rates, you must borrow at least $15,000.

I had gotten an auto loan from PNC about a year ago.. Three weeks ago when I was ready to make my final payment, I called to verify my address for where they would send the lien release letter.

Check Ready Auto Loans | PNC – pnc check ready auto Loan Puts You in the Driver’s Seat. Take the financial stress out of your next car purchase with a PNC check ready auto loan. Check Ready makes purchasing a car easier with competitive rates and a decision in minutes for most applications.

PNC – Take the financial stress out of your next car. – Take the financial stress out of your next car purchase with PNC Check Ready auto loan. pnc check ready Auto Loans make purchasing a car easier with great rates, a fast application process and a decision in as little as 15 minutes for most applications.

Cash in on a PNC auto loan with rates as low as 2.75% – Either the dealer can give you a better loan, or you can close the deal with affordable financing from PNC. The bank also has a program called the PNC Check Ready Auto Loan. You can get approved for financing from PNC, then walk into the dealership with a PNC-issued "blank" check that’s valid up to your approved loan amount.

PNC Ready Checks are pre-approved up to a specified amount reflected on the paperwork AND the face of the check. Dealers see them all the time. I ran a few dealerships and never saw a pnc check in over 10 years.

Write the Check Ready check up to the approved loan amount. Get 0.25% Off Your rate interest rate discount comes with maintaining automatic payment via a new or existing PNC Checking account [3] .